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this is the self-interpretation of a dream

27 August
come on in and waste away a while.
a new enemy, a trillion barnacle lapse, against me!, aim of conrad, amanda woodward, an albatross, anatomy of a ghost, anterrabae, arab on radar, ariel, armor for sleep, at the drive-in, books lie, botch, braid, breather resist, burnt by the sun, bury me standing, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, comeback kid, converge, cursive, daughters, death from above, envy, every time i die, from ashes rise, get fucked, harkonnen, helen of troy, hey mercedes, his hero is gone, hot cross, hot snakes, i am the hospital, i am the resurrection, inventing edward, iron lung, isis, joshua fit for battle, jr ewing, kaospilot, kid kilowatt, killsadie, kodan armada, lickgoldensky, light in the attic, makara, malady, man is the bastard, melt banana, minor threat, minus the bear, muslimgauze, neil perry, norma jean, north of america, off minor, old man gloom, one am radio, onelinedrawing, orchid, paint it black, paper lions, paradise island, pelican, pg99, pines of nowhere, portraits of past, racebannon, rainer maria, rapider than horsepower, rats into robots, red scare, respira, reversal of man, ruhaeda, saetia, sever the cord, shai hulud, shikari, sinaloa, since by man, skeleton coast, sky came falling, song of zarathustra, state secedes, still life, stop it!!, strike anywhere, superstitions of the sky, takaru, tear it up, teeth of the hyrda, the appleseed cast, the assistant, the blood brothers, the chariot, the dillenger escape plan, the locust, the minor times, the red chord, the spirit of versailles, the wind up bird, there were wires, these arms are snakes, this day forward, this machine kills, this ship will sink, to die for, tragedy, transistor transistor, trial by fire, tyranny of shaw, under a dying sun, unearth, union of uranus, usaisamonster, watchers, welcome the plague year, while they slept, wilco, wolves, world burns to death, yage, yaphet kotto, you & i